Glitter Girl: Fire Dancer

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Glitter Girl: Fire Dancer



Fire Dancer

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At the turn of the century, GlitterGirl branched out from her house music roots and stepped into the darker more airy tones of the San Francisco Trance and Techno communities and then into the Burning Man community.

Journeying toward Burning Man 2000 brought her toward her first fire spinning opportunity.

In October of 2000, she was tragically derailed from her fire dancing dreams because of a 4 car head on collision she sustained.

After several months of recovery and a weakened back and shoulder, she began spinning again with an interest in lightweight gear that was indoor friendly and non toxic.

By Burning Man 2001, she introduced her first performance rig made of colored lights.

After several performances in the fall of 2001, she stepped back into the fire dancing arena in January of 2002 and now works professionally as both and indoor light dancer and outdoor fire dancer.

Unlike some fire performers, her focus is on the dance and rather than impressing the onlookers with the awesome element of fire, she chooses to entrance the audience with the tribal motions most suited to her body by adding fire to her primal dance style.

GlitterGirl currently teaches fire dancing lessons in San Francisco and the Bay Area.




Public fire and light dancing appearances include:

  • Infuse (2.16.02) - Kelly's Mission Rock, SF
  • Drawing Light (2.22.02) - Cell Space, SF
  • 17Oranges (2.23.02) - Kelly's Mission Rock, SF
  • WareMental (3.16.02) - Balazo Gallery, SF
  • Patty Melt (3.17.02) -Kelly's Mission Rock, SF
  • Sweet! (3.22.02) - Studio Z, SF
  • Fire (3.23.02) - SOMA warehouse, SF
  • 6 Year Anniversary (4.13.02) - 133 Beale Street, SF
  • Love and Sin (4.26.02) - Warehouse, Oakland

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