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Glitter Pages is a project I conceived of while stalking the dream at Sweet! (held at Cell Space on 3.3.01). The project focuses on building a community database of people that extends beyond the community that one person might normally know. The DB includes their name, contact info, picture, resume, collectives they are part of and a list of things they are looking for to facilitate their dream/vision/life’s work/goals (personal and professional)/otherwise and a list of services/resources they are willing to trade in exchange for what they need.

The goal is to build a database of barterable items… to make this a cash free system that allows us to help each other and ourselves by doing the things we like to do more and doing the things we need to do less by getting others who like to do those things to do them for us in exchange for something they need.

Here’s an example of how we can help each other: I want to go to my local dry cleaner (small shop) and suggest that if I bring in a certain amount of money in dry cleaning, that I get a certain amount free. I’d then be willing to arrange with each of you to pick up, get it cleaned and then drop off your dry cleaning. I will bring it all to one place to get my own services free but you don’t have to do the work to get it cleaned, so we all win. If you life in SF and are interested in this arrangement, please contact me.

It’s other things though – I know someone who is interested in learning more about videography and has equipment and I know someone else who has experience but not the equipment. Connecting these two people together makes a lot of sense.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to maximize the resources we have in the community – some obscure, some obvious – and allow us to keep as much as we can within our space. What we’re missing now is a smart engine that can search the existing database of people. I want to be that hub within (and outside) our community because I just happen to do this sort of thing well.





What do I get out of it? Well, this project is dedicated to me doing what I do best. I facilitate, organize and create better than anything else I do. So what I’d like is to start building the database. So here’s my pitch:

You give me 1 hour of your time where we can talk uninterrupted. In that time, we will have an exchange of information whereby I will help you with something – perhaps give you an idea, a better way to market yourself, give you the name of a contact who can help you with something you’re looking for, or just some advice. It could be personal, it could be professional. If I can’t provide you with something in that hour that we both agree on, then you owe me nothing and I want nothing in exchange.

If I do give you something that we mutually agree on, I ask for three things: 1. You sign up with the Glitter Pages. The conversation itself is what signing up is, but later there will be an online Data Base, so I want to know that you’re in. 2. You facilitate others signing up for the Glitter Pages by living your life with "barter" more in mind AND, more importantly, by directing people to me to facilitate their assistance. 3. You consider commissioning me for an art piece next time you want a gift, need something crafted, hear of somewhere that needs something performed, etc. I want to flourish as the artistic type I am. Right now, I am working towards getting enough art together to display in a gallery. I would like this system to be so successful that I don’t need to use cash anymore, but commissioning an art piece helps with the short term cash needs.

My long term goal is to involve as many communities as I can and combine forces. Right now, I have more supply than demand (funny that – the idea is only 2 days old), but I want more demand than supply. Ultimately, I want to have an online searchable database that links to/works with/involves other sites like Craig’s List at  I’ve already spoken with people who might be interested in building the software part of this. If you have interest in that, in signing up for the GlitterPages or other areas of interest that can help, please contact me.




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