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I want a partner. I want someone who values truth. I want someone amazing and special as a partner. I want someone willing to communicate with me and work through shit. Someone who is dedicated to finding their best and work on bringing that forward. I want someone who sees themselves and knows there is more to see. I want someone who wants to impact the world in a positive way. I want someone romantic, passionate and alive. A partner who is not afraid to be a partner. Someone who will support my dreams and visions and allow me to support theirs. I want someone sexy and sweet, brilliant and talented, multifaceted and dynamic, with a good sense of humor and a warm smile and beautiful eyes. A sense of adventure… someone fun. And silly. And witty and wise. And, at the end of the day, I'd like him to have a wee bit of a dick streak too so I can be reminded of all sides of human nature.





I also want someone who has their shit together in some practical ways - income (or savings) to live on, a place to fuck, and someone with energy to spare and share. I also seek someone who is grounded in their life - for me, this shows up as knowing who you are and what you're up to in the world as well as having a strong sense of community. I want a partner who is clear about the value of community and being part of groups, not just a loner. Further, I want a partner who is tolerant, compassionate, open, has a certain gentleness, and, on some level, is attached to my being in their life and a part of their joy. I want someone who is open to intimacy and sharing themselves - not just with me; with the world. And I want someone who wants me.



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