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I love creating spaces and events where people can express themselves freely, meet people, share who they are and promote life. This section outlines the events I've been involved in creating directly rather than just performing at.


Temple of Poi: Let's Jam! November 3, 2002, 2-6 PM at DanzHaus.
Join some of the Bay Area's emerging dancers for 4 hours of performance and fun as they celebrate their experiences playing with poi and other toys! This event will premier dozens of Poi Students who have under 6 months of time swinging their poi and strutting their stuff! The first section of Dancers will be children from the Willard School in the East bay. Part II will feature new adults showing their skills off. After that, some local professionals and 2 year + veterans will come out and inspire and impress with their skills. The day will close with a dance jam where players can compare moves, learn, share, and grow.

NaughtyFire Renegade Burn: October 2002



2002 Events:

IllumiNaughty 2001

Burning Man Camp located at the Esplanade and 10.

2001 Events:

IllumiNaughty 2001

Burning Man Camp located at the Esplanade and 10.

2000 Events:

IllumiNaughty 2000

Burning Man Camp located at Sex and 10.

Star Jam

July 15, 2000 at the Justice League.

GlitterFest 2000

The first GlitterFest offered such a great time, the second one was bound to happen on the one year anniversary weekend. More educated in the art of event creation, this party lept foward with the inclusion of a book, visual, art spoken word and interactivity that drew over 600 people through the door of the Justice League. House music and breaks pounded through the crowd as this free party - intended to give back to the community itself - throbbed through the day featuring Christian and Locomotive's public debuts, Paul Q, John Howard, Mark E. Quark, FabuLizz, Girl Friday, Rudy and more to the visuals of Recurssion Video Labs and Emotion productions while Scott Cardoza, Derek Deetrik and Demara Deetrik drizzled their poetry upon a waiting crowd.

1999 Events:

GlitterFest 1999

A house music extravaganza held the last Saturday of January in 11999. This party was originally scheduled to happen at VSF, but last minute problems with their late night license caused the party to move to City Nights (4th and Harrison, SF). This party featured House DJ's: John Howard, Girl Friday, Galen, Solar, Tasho, Jonene, Mark E. Quark, Kevin West and others. Click here to see the flyer.




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