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GlitterFest 2000


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GlitterFest 2000
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Glitter is not about the way it looks on the face, but in the way it glows in the soul. It’s the child’s trust that communication hasn’t hindered. It is the clear conversation spoken between a babe and his mum, “knowing” more surely than any words will ever express.

Glitter lives in each of us. It is the FESTival of life that allows this moment to exist.

This moment?

It is a space where we are not hindered by the speed of the spoken word….

It is a moment of awareness of the energy – the force behind the words – and the way it lingers in the heart and soul without need of reassurance…

This moment is the confidence of being. Not being “this” or “that” or “should” or “shouldn’t…”

This moment is the ego of nothingness and everythingness, of half-full and half-empty, of the moment in between, when the yin and the yang have found the magic point in the mirror…

This moment is the healing of hearts, the touching of souls...

This moment is the time when the self and the other co-exist harmoniously, creating the music and the vibe of a temporary tribe, brought together by a common sense of wonderment over this elevated form of living caused by the deconstruction of the façades imposed rigorously… daily.

This moment is a gift, granted through hard work and trust in the faith of the vibe.

This moment is garnered because of intuitive knowing the universe grants unto each of us through the alignment of self, found in the oneness of intention and action.

This moment is a single moment in time that acknowledges in each of us the possibility to take this moment with us on a daily basis, if not in the physical manifestation of the Glitter, a la this book, then in the emotional manifestation of the Fest, found more tangibly for me in the look in the eyes and the curl of the lips.

This moment is what you make it. So take it and make it your half-full dream come true if you dare. You inspired it. Let it be reflected back in your action and intention, and smile at me if you see me, too...

GlitterFest 2000 was an opportunity  for people to gather for 12 hours of dancing fun with spoken word, live music and rituals used to create a multi-genre party aimed at celebrating life.

GlitterFest 2000 Book



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