Urban Opulence


Hunter's Point Shipyard, Buildling 115, Studio 10; May 4-5, 2002 (Spring Open Studios 2002)


Glitter, like life, is everything and nothing. It is the remaining item in Pandora's box. It is liquid metal malleable into whatever form you design for it. It reflects the world around it. It is colorful and colorless. You see it in one light; you don't in another. A single spec remains forever atop the piece of paper, yet it shows up in random moments - like hope which can unexpectedly appear - often when least expected, mostly because we allow ourselves to shift perspective.

I found everything I ever needed in the nothingness of letting go. What once seemed insurmountable, unsafe and out of control as a lifestyle choice has revealed a deeper journey into peacefulness. I have experienced the shift of the urban jungle into an opulent den of reflected spiritedness. I know we can co-create a sustainable community of impassioned artists uniquely expressing existence with the one-in-6-billon s/cent derived from the grace and certainty we each touch within our spirit. I believe that manifestation provides fertile inspiration in its mirror of passion.

The urban world is abundant with hidden treasures… full of tribes luxuriously radiating love, even as fear creeps in and steals away hope for long moments. You inspire inspiration; you ignite passion. Yes. You are the rich landscape that defines Urban Opulence…





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Ancient Temple


Entwined Forever


Life Anew




Tearful Eyes


Wedding Center Piece

Day Flight

Night Flight



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