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When her 80 hour a week job no longer consumed her life, GlitterGirl renewed her interest in creating art and began filling the time creating jewelry, sculpture and the meditative art of Origami folding. In 2001, she facilitated the creation of 1000 cranes later used in the "Industrial Wedding Series" - 18 mobiles housing the cranes displayed at various events in San Francisco and at the IllumiNaughty camp of 2001. Inspired by the giddiness glitter engenders in so many adults, she uses it as a focal point for much of her work today, including her late winter installation, Disco Atoms, used by Thump Radio at their monthly "Atomic" event held at the DNA Lounge and her recent spring open studio show, "Urban Opulence." Her latest installation is a co-created tile mosaic installed in Studio G.
Art Installations/Shows have included:
*BM 2001: IllumiNaughty camp (8/01) - "Industrial Wedding Series" - Black Rock City, NV
* Dawn and Beyond (10/01) - SOMA warehouse, SF
*Fall Open Studios (10/01) - Dragon Studio SF
*Radiance: Pulse (11/01) - Kelly's Mission Rock, SF
*Thump (2.8.02) - "In the Origami Garden" - 550 Barneveld, SF
*Atomic (3.1.02) - "Disco Atoms" - DNA Lounge, SF
*Hunter's Point Shipyard Open Studios (5.4-5.02) - "Urban Opulence" - Hunter's Point Shipyard, SF
*Secret Garden (6.8.02) - 820 Scott Street, SF
*Organic Trees (8.1.02) - Studio G, SF


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